About me

I was diagnosed with EUPD about 6 years ago and for 4 years on long term sick.

I am originally from Newcastle/Gateshead in the UK. But currently live in Hartlepool.

As much as I loved living where I was brought up it came with so much baggage and trauma that when I moved I revelled in the fresh start where barely anyone knew me except family.

Don’t get me wrong its hard. While I have family here, I don’t have many friends so I do find myself a lot of the time isolated when family are busy with other things.

This is part of the reason I’ve started this blog. To not only get my feelings out in a productive way, (instead of punching a wall lol), but to put a voice to the stigma of mental health with men. Especially those diagnosed with EUPD as it is generally seen as a female disorder or that we are all violent and manipulative as seen on TV. Which isn’t the case most of the time.

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Crazy Crazy Friends

Hey everyone. Hope everyone is good and had a good week.

Todays topic is about friends and the impact they can have you. The good and the bad.

When I was growing up I always had friends until I reached the final year of school and became distant from everyone. I became paranoid and hated everyone I looked at and became very angry towards them.

After I left school and went to college and started work, I made new friends, I came out as gay and started living my life to the fullest……….

Well that’s what I told myself. Still something didn’t feel right in me.

Skip forward 10 years, I have a small group of friends in Newcastle and my best friend is currently living in Inverness with her family. I started experiencing psychosis and don’t realise what’s happening to me as I just thought I was depressed and nothing more serious.

I end up isolating from people including family, spending days in the dark listening to the voices driving me more and more crazy, and hearing from none of my so called friends.

These so called friends when I told them what was happening after I saw a specialist, basically wrote me off not caring and after that never heard from again.

This destroyed me inside. I confided in these people and they confided in me. I never realised I was disposable to them and this taught me a great lesson. Sometimes its better to have a small circle then a large one. Less people to disappoint you and less stress for you at times.

Don’t get me wrong friends are a wonderful thing and can you deal with shit with their support. But my own personal experience just finding that one friend to lean on and let them lean on you can be just as great in a way.

Hope everyone enjoyed this and has a great weekend